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A detoxifying, sensory bath soak and mediation designed to uplift and restore your body and mind. For when foggy, groggy, or down.


Welcome a Sense of Clarity as toxin-absorbing black lava salts combines with epsom salts to reduce inflammation, ease stress, and relax the body. Breathe in refreshing and regenerating citrus and eliminate mental fatigue as the guided mediation brings you back to openness and clarity. 


HEAR - A guided meditation, intended to help you slow down, become more present, and enhance your experience.

FEEL - relaxed muscles and an invigorated mind.

SEE -   black lava infused water with dehydrated lemons that stimulates the mind and body as it helps brighten, tone, and soothe the skin.

SMELL - uplifting and cleansing grapefruit and lemon.

Clarity Detox Bath Soak & Meditation

SKU: 0004
  • Black Hawaiian sea salt (black lava salt), Epsom salt, Sodium bicarbonate, organic lemon balm, dehydrated lemon slices, essential oil blend.

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